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Pet Resistant Screen Fabric

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Technical Bulletin
Item Number:  T18 DLS 10/10/2005
Product Description: A woven fabric using.025"diameter vinyl-coated 1000 denier polyester core yarn in warp .025" diameter vinyl-coated 1000 denier polyester core yarn in the fill.
Attribute ASTM Warp Fill Typical
Construction, end/inch D3775  15.0 + .5  11.0 + .5  
Weight, oz/yd2 D3776 -- -- 10.4
Tensile Strength (grab), lbf D5034 499.1 347.9  
Tensile Strength (strip), lbf D5035 237.1 159.2  
Tear Strength, lbf D1117-14 55.9 36.8  
Elongation, % D5035-95 22.88 18.6  
Abrasion Resistance D3884-92 Slight exposure of core yarn
(CS10/500 cycles/ with no added weight)        
Mildew Resistance G21 No growth  
Bacteria Resistance G22 No growth  
Weatherability 1200 hours G53 Trace of discoloration  
Flammability Rating   CS-191-53 & CA 117E  
** The above results are a representative of real data from single test samples.
    Presently no specification is incorporated.