Pet Resistant Screen Fabric

Textilene® PetTex is designed using extruded vinyl-coated polyester core yarn, which is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets. Textilene® PetTex is heavier than the traditional fiberglass and aluminum screen and will not allow pets to put their paws through it. These screens withstand tough use even in the most extreme conditions

Textilene® PetTex Applications

We offer Textilene® PetTex for both door and windows. Textilene® PetTex can also be used on porch enclosures.

Textilene® PetTex Sizes & Colors

Textilene® PetTex is available in three widths in black color. This product is also sold in less than roll rolls in the Cut-to-length section.

  • 36 Inch x 100 Ft. Textilene® PetTex
  • 48 Inch x 100 Ft. Textilene® PetTex
  • 60 Inch x 100 Ft. Textilene® PetTex

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